NHG Academy vascular surgeon trainee program

The NHG Academy vascular surgeon trainee program follows a structured program divided into three blocks. These blocks focus on practical assistant training, practical venous treatments, and diagnostic ultrasound training. This structure ensures a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of superficial venous treatments.

In the training program we utilize three core elements:

1. Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments: The training program is based on both quantitative and qualitative assessments. Continuous competence evaluation is carried out using validated tests, ensuring that trainees are consistently improving and meeting the required standards. Advancing to the next level of training requires passing previous levels, ensuring that all required competencies are met before eventually taking on further responsibility.

2. Simulator Training: We emphasize the use of simulators for training. The belief is that anything that can be trained 1:1 on a simulator should be mastered before moving on to live training. This approach enhances the safety and effectiveness of the treatments.

3. Supervision by Vascular Specialists: All training is supervised by vascular specialists with expertise in superficial venous treatments. This ensures that the trainees receive high-quality instruction and feedback, leading to a high standard of treatment when they begin practicing on their own.

What does it mean to become a NHG certified expert in superficial venous treatments?

Becoming a Nordic Health Group (NHG) certified expert in superficial venous treatments requires a high level of proficiency and skill. It means that the surgeon has successfully completed a rigorous and comprehensive training program, and has demonstrated exceptional competence in performing superficial venous treatments. The certification is a testament to the individual's skills and knowledge, and it serves as an assurance that they can deliver high-quality superficial venous treatments.