NHG Academy serves as a resource, development and training center for the surgeons and medical staff within Nordic Health Group. We believe that continual investment in quality improvement and assurance is key to delivering the highest-quality treatments for patients everywhere.

Community of knowledge

NHG Academy promotes a culture where specific cases, techniques and treatment principles can always be discussed with colleagues. Within our organization, no one needs to be alone in making complex decisions. NHG Academy creates a community of knowledge, where the advantage of shared experience and skill secure the highest quality of treatment and patient satisfaction, always based on the best available evidence.

Joint conferences

NHG Academy hosts a conference every 3 months, with very high attendance. Topics are based on suggestions from members and contain specific cases, new clinical guidelines, and new research within the field of varicose vein treatment. The format and content of the conference is constantly changing to optimize the learning experience for the members. For example, we host lectures, debates, workshops, and guest lectures.


In addition to conferences, NHG Academy manages formal training of all our staff and surgeons. We strive to continuously optimize treatments according to newest evidence and guidelines. We have formalized our treatment concept and we call this the Nordic Treatment Protocol. All staff members and surgeons are trained in the concept of this protocol, ensuring the same high quality and uniformity no matter where treatment is performed.

NHG Academy also trains future vascular specialists, providing specialized training for surgical trainees. This benefits trainees, patients, and the healthcare system in general. Follow the link to learn more about the program and its advantages.

NHG academy is a resource, development, and training center for surgeons and employees at Nordic Health Group.

NHG Academy is a resource to professional development, knowledge-sharing, and research and by assembling the best people within their fields and train them to build collective knowledge and competence, NHG Academy creates value both for the patients, the organization, and the general healthcare field within varicose veins. Thus, it serves as a backbone in Nordic Health Group and drives the organization to align its knowledge, enhance competencies, and continuously develop best-practices.

By indulging in the same learning and training experience with the same objective, our employees are all aligned and on the forefront of newest research, treatment methods, and efficient treatment protocols. Hence, NHG academy operates as a mutual internation channel to create horizontal relationships between colleagues from different clinics, entities, and markets. Everyone participating is encouraged to engage and partake actively, so that the common level of competence is elevated to the benefit of all.

We do not just settle with widely used standardized practices, as we believe evolution, innovation, and development comes from constantly challenging status quo. Hence, NHG Academy also aims to eliminate inertia and any associated inefficient work processes by challenging ourselves and the business-as-usual way of thinking. We believe this is adamant for maintaining our position as a leading player enabling Nordic Health Group to provide the best and most efficient treatment possible to the patients both now and in the future.

NHG Academy is open to all members of the organization and invited guests. In addition, there will be special editions of NHG Academy conference with open access.

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